Friday, 16 November 2018
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Apple takes a stab at Vista... and misses.
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Apple Bashing
Written by WATYF on Tuesday, 12 June 2007 (5359 hits)
Category: Apple Bashing

As vastly superior to Microsoft as Apple is, they (in their benevolence) will occasionally throw us poor Windows users a bone every once in a while. And it looks like that once in a while is right now (yay for us!!).  Just this week, Apple took a stab at porting their oh-so-popular browser (Safari) over to Windows Vista... unfortunately, they overestimated their ability to write anything other than fluffy apps that don't do anything useful. Laughing Apparently, this little bundle of Apple joy came with bugs, exploits, and a complete lack of standard features.

Within hours of it's release, David Maynor (the guy who found the infamous OS X WiFi exploit) found several DoS's and remote execution bugs (oopsy!). He was even able to reliably weaponize one of the exploits. But wait... there's more... he also linked to a few other people who found the same types of exploits after just a few hours of toying with it.

And as if numerous security exploits weren't enough... it ends up that the browser itself just plain sucks to use. Tongue out The Inquirer is reporting that the user experience doesn't bode any better than the security side of things. For starters, you can't save any settings in the browser. That's right... wanna change your home page? Sorry... no can do. Wanna change the default behavior of any part of the browser? Nah... Apple knows what's best for you... you should just leave things as they are. Tongue out And to top it all off, despite its claims of blazing fast performance, Safari uses more memory than even Firefox (for those who don't know, Firefox is --or should I say, "was"-- the granddaddy of excessive memory usage in a browser). PC World chimes in and agrees on all of the above points, including the fact that you can't resize the browser window the same way as every other app in the history of Windows (uh-oh!). Apparently, Apple has a different way of resizing windows on OS X, and (suprise, surprise!!) it's more restrictive and not as functional (I guess they think that only allowing people to resize using one tiny corner of the window will help avoid confusion Cool). But, because it's the "Apple way", it's superior by default, so they felt it was necessary to force it upon Windows users. Unfortunately, Windows users have actually been exposed to that nasty, little thing called "choice", and probably won't enjoy being told that there's only one way that they can do something.

Now, I must say... all of this dire news was quite a shock to me, honestly... I mean... I was waiting with bated breath for this port so I could get the latest and greatest piece of Apple software installed on my very own Windows computer. But alas... it looks like I'm still stuck using my old, boring, not-made-by-Apple software that actually works.... darn it.


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