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Best Mac Slam... ever.
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Written by WATYF on Monday, 21 August 2006 (5029 hits)
Category: Apple Bashing

I just thought I'd take a quick minute out of my busy day to pass along a very funny conversation I was witness to just recently. You see... I take pride in my Mac-bashing... I'd like to think... in some small way... that I'm actually good at it.... but alas... there are those who are much, much better than I am at pointing out the absurdities of Mac zealots... and here's a perfect example.

 (But first... a little backstory...)

The program I use to record audio is called Pro Tools. It was originally written for a Mac, so many of the "pro" studios who use PT run it on Macs. The fact that Macs are the "standard" platform for PT only feeds the "elitist" attitudes of Mac users who get into pro audio... ok... so now that you have the background... here's the funny part...

So there's this guy on a recording website that I go to who uses Macs for his recording platform, and makes a pretty good point of telling everyone about it. He started a thread about a song he had written and someone replied by saying, "Cool, and it´s done on a mac i guess"... and here's how the rest of the conversation went...

Mac Fanboy: yup.... no PC recordings here...

Mac Basher: You are looking at this all wrong. That's ALL you could do? And you even have a Mac? You should be a recording superhero with that thing. Man, if I had a damn Macintosh I would be bigger than the Beatles by now.

Mac Fanboy: heh.... yeah but then again i did that recording with zero ASIO dropouts...

Mac Basher: It sure was nice of Apple computers to provide you with an identity.







I'm sorry... but that was one of the funniest things I've ever read. That is so the best Mac slam ever.


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Who cares? No one will ever be bigger than the Beatles.....Mac or PC! It will just never happen!

Posted by Jeremy, on 08/25/2006 at 13:45

meh... the Beatles were over-rated. :oP

Posted by WATYF, on 08/25/2006 at 14:15

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