Saturday, 17 November 2018
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The let-down of the millenium: Renewable Energy
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Written by WATYF on Monday, 07 July 2008 (9269 hits)
Category: Serious Crap

I'm not some tree-hugging hippie... far from it. It has always been in question, but considering some of the more recent data , I think that "anthropological climate change" is just as likely to be an over-blown bunch of crap as it is to be a real issue.

But that's also not to say that I'm a ignorant boob who thinks I should keep pumping gas into everything I own no matter how much it costs just because, "that's the American way!"

I'm all for renewable energy... for independence. Not just for "American independence" from "foreign oil", but for individual independence from anyone else, as well. And in both of those arenas, renewable energies have been the biggest let-down I have ever seen...

Post Empathetic Exhaustion (a.k.a. How much can one planet take?)
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Written by WATYF on Tuesday, 11 October 2005 (4780 hits)
Category: Serious Crap

Seriously... first the tsunami... then a nice long string of devastating hurricanes... then throw in a couple massive floods... and add a huge earthquake for good measure. It'll be a wonder if any buildings are actually still standing come Christmas.

And after all this... after months of consecutive tragedies... and public outreach... and billions of dollars in donations and aid... I think we might be running into a new phenomenon here... and I've dubbed it "PEE" or "Post Empathetic Exhaustion" (and mark my words, it'll be all over cable news in no time )...

Katrina stories...
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Written by WATYF on Thursday, 15 September 2005 (3891 hits)
Category: Serious Crap

I don't really intend to talk about serious stuff too often in this Blog. Not because I don't have a serious side (which I do), but because I've learned after many, many years of "discussions" (if you can call them that) on the internet, that most conversations on the web, of even a remotely serious nature, eventually end up in some kind of worthless "us vs. them" flame-fest. There is very little objective, rational conversation left on the net, and I'd much rather stick to facetiousness and sarcasm then try to cut through the fog of years of bitter, divisive verbal lambasting.... but that's just me.

Anyway... the point is, every once in a while, I'll probably end up posting something resembling a serious topic... and this happens to be the first time that has happened...



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