Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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New Version of TaskRunner is out with a new feature...
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Written by WATYF on Thursday, 17 July 2008 (10202 hits)
Category: TaskRunner

I released a couple new versions of TaskRunner over the last couple days.

There were a couple minor bug fixes and changes, but the major change is a new Task: Process/Service Monitor.

You can select processes (i.e. any old executable) and services (Windows Services) on your local (or a remote) machine, and monitor them to get notified when they stop running. It'll also let you know when they start running again.

TaskRunner also just went up on Tucows today. I don't think the link is live yet, but it will eventually be at: http://www.tucows.com/preview/511107


TaskRunner 3.2.1075 released.
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Written by WATYF on Wednesday, 19 September 2007 (7095 hits)
Category: TaskRunner

I put out a new version of TaskRunner today (3.2.1075). There are a crapload of new features.... that I intend to work into the app soon. Laughing  And I was working on doing just that when someone emailed me and pointed out a bug. So, as a result, instead of a crapload of new features, you get a couple minor features (that I had already finished) and that one bug fix. Cool

The only "feature" worth pointing out is the new "Translate" option in the Web Search. You can enter a line of text and automatically translate it to whatever language Google offers translation for at the moment.

Here's the full changelist:

Version 3.2.1075:

  • Fixed bug in Task form that stopped you from using a limitation between two times of day
  • Added "Translate" feature to Web Search.
  • Added option in TR Options to prompt before running Shutdown tasks
  • Updated backend database version



TaskRunner 3.2 is out!!! Aren't you thrilled?!?!
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Written by WATYF on Tuesday, 27 March 2007 (6088 hits)
Category: TaskRunner

Well... I finally got around to putting out a new version of TaskRunner (3.2.1063). Its primary upgrades are architectural, so don't expect a huge amount of new features, but it does fix a bunch of bugs and make a bunch of small improvements. The biggest GUI improvement you'll notice is to the Web Search app. I over-hauled the interface and added a bunch of new sites that you can search. The major architectural changes are that it is now .NET 2.0 compatible (which helped in adding a bunch of the new features) and its back-end database was updated to a new version. Here's the change log...

TaskRunner 3.0 Final has been released...
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Written by WATYF on Saturday, 10 December 2005 (8261 hits)
Category: TaskRunner

Well whatdyaknow.... it only took me a couple decades, but I finally released the "public release" of TaskRunner 3.0....

....and I will now begin making incessant changes to it.

You can download it on the software page. This version requires registration (unlike 2.2.) because... well... because it does a lot more crap than 2.2 did... deal with it. 

TaskRunner 3.0 Beta phase is drawing to a close...
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Written by WATYF on Tuesday, 25 October 2005 (7844 hits)
Category: TaskRunner

Alright... I know I've been saying this for the last fifty years... but I really am finishing up the Beta phase of TaskRunner 3.0 now.

No new features will be added... only existing bug fixes will be incorporated into the 3.0 final release. As soon as I finish up the help documentation and registration process, 3.0 will be released into the wild. (I know... you're excited... I can tell )

This does not mean that if you want a feature enhancement then you're out of luck... feel free to go to the forum and post a request/suggestion, or email it to me. All requests will go on my ever-increasing list of things to add to the next version (3.2 or whatever I decide to call it).




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