Monday, 17 June 2019
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Fun with demotivators...
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Misc Mentations
Written by WATYF on Wednesday, 07 February 2007 (4933 hits)
Category: Misc Mentations

Demotivators have been around for a while. I remember getting a good laugh out of them back when I first discovered the site. My favorites are the ones that best portray my own personal worldviews... such as Indifference... and Pessimism... and my personal favorite, Procrastination.

At some point since I've been there last (which was quite a while ago), they added this nifty new feature where you can make your own Demotivator. Well, now... that's the type of fun I can really get into... and after a buddy of mine sent me a feeble attempt to insult my superior computing skills, the floodgates opened... and these are the results.

Here's the original that Keith sent...



and here was my "reply"...



of course, after that, we just started making them about all kinds of random crap.  Here's another one of Keith's.





...and here are a few more of mine.






..and here's one from my "tone-obsessed" brother. Tongue out


I'll throw some more up as I get 'em. Tongue out



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