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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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WATYF's Music

Aside from being a total nerd, I'm a musician as well. The good thing about being a musician is that it almost cancels out how much of a dork I am from having my head stuck to a computer screen 23 hours a day... so that's kinda nice. Anyway... I've got a little home-studio and that's where I record some of my stuff... but not very often... mostly, I just beg people to come over and record their stuff... you wouldn't think it would be that hard to pimp free studio time, but you'd be surprised.

Anywhoo... here are the latest offerings from my humble home studio...

  • To download the music - click the download arrow to the right of the appropriate track title.
  • If you're using Internet Explorer and have Windows XP SP2 installed, then IE (in its infinite wisdom) will block the download. You'll see a message appear at the top where you can click "Download File..." to allow the download. Once you click that, the page will refresh (without downloading the file, since IE is stupid.) and you'll have to click on the download arrow again for that same song, and finally the song will download. Yes.... that is really annoying, and yes, it is because Microsoft is retarded. :op
  • Dial-Up Users - You're probably better off just downloading the songs and listening to them. The files are fairly high-quality MP3's, so you may have trouble with lots of buffering if you use the MP3 Player to stream them.

Behind the Music

Walk Away: I recorded this with the same group of guys that worked on Better Times. I did acoustic, My bro did (some) bass and electrics. Keith did (some) Bass and drums. Josh (from Chicago) sang.

Better Times: A buddy of mine from (near) Chicago came down and we tracked this song over the course of a weekend. He sang, I played drums/acoustic, and my bro did the bass/electric guitar. It's the first original tune (of mine) that I've recorded in three years. Surprised

Stand: Here's yet another song I recorded with a buddy of mine (same guy who did Storm and Give My Life)... he wrote it and did electrics/vocals... I did drums, acoustic, bass.

Be Without You: For those of you who aren't quick enough to figure it out, this song was done as a joke. My buddy and I were going through some of his material to find something to track, and we stumbled on this "gem" that he wrote when he was 16. *sigh* ...to be young and write songs as corny as this again.... those were the days.
What I Long For: This one is a worship song a buddy of mine wrote... He did keys, I did drums/guitars... wife sang.
HeadHunter: A cool dude (from here) asked if I would put drums to a song of his. Since I'm quite overbearing (and since I liked the song) I ended up putting a whole... well.... song.... to the song. This is what I came up with..... that's his daughter singing, btw... disturbingly good for a 15 year old.
Need You Now: This is the first recording I did with my wife (aaaawwww...) This is a song she recently wrote. She sang and played keys... I did everything else.
Give My Life: Song a buddy of mine wrote... Drums by WATYF. Everything else by John J. and Dan J.
Storm: Another song the aforementioned buddy wrote... Vocal/Piano by John J. (a.k.a "buddy"), Bass by John E (my bro), everything else by WATYF.
Interrogating Angels: An old song, all done-up in a new Recording... and my official submission to the HomeRecording.com Compilation CD.
Tell Her This: This is a Del Amitri cover that I did a while back. It was recorded using a bunch of my brother's really expensive stuff..

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