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My taste in music is better than yours...
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Written by WATYF on Thursday, 09 August 2007 (8658 hits)
Category: Musical

EDITORIAL NOTE (for lazy people): If you don't like to read paragraphs (for fear of hurting your brain) then please skip straight to the uber-funny sketch at the end of this article. If, on the other hand, you can actually handle reading more than four sentences in a group without your mind wandering off to thoughts of what's on TV tonight, then you can start reading here.... and now, on to the article.

Human behavior is intriguing. One such behavior is how the average person approaches the topic of taste in music. We all have tastes. Tastes in food. Tastes in men/women. Tastes in movies. You name it. But for some reason, no taste seems to carry with it the fervent arrogance and xenophobia that a person's taste in music often does. If you meet someone, and you start discussing food, chances are that you won't even notice if they mention liking a food that you dislike. Most people just accept it as normal. "Oh... you like fish, eh... I'm not a big fan it it." But mention a band that they hate, and watch the wonder that is human self-conceit... "What? You like Blink 182?!? Dude. They're, like, the worst band on the planet. Seriously. What's wrong with you? You really need to get a new taste in music". As if acquiring a new taste in anything is even physically possible, and as if there is such a thing as a "better" or "worse" taste in music. Now, for many of you, cognitive dissonance is already kicking in and telling you that, somehow, your taste in music IS indeed "better" or "more refined", but it's not. I know... it's hard to accept that what your ears prefer means absolutely nothing to anyone but you, but it's true. I'm sorry to have crushed your entire worldview. Laughing

Anyway, I was perusing one of my favorite recording-related forums today (GearSlutz ), and I ran across a thread about a particular band. Now, this particular band (Nickelback), is intensely hated, pretty much all over the internet. I'm not sure why, but somehow, they have acquired all of the ingredients needed to form a bermuda triangle of band-hatred stemming from every corner of the globe. The thread went on for 5 pages of people just adamantly insisting that Nickelback was devoid of all goodness and talent and worth, and that anyone who thought otherwise was a soul-less dimwit. After it was all said and done, I thought, "Wouldn't it be odd if people argued like this over their tastes in food?" So I started typing a brief little script for just such a scenario...








[Two friends sit down at a table in a local burger joint]

Jim: Man... I'm starving. I haven't eaten all day.

Bob: Me neither man.

Jim: What you got there?

Bob: It's a triple cheese burger with everything. Same thing I always get. These things are awesome!

Jim: Really? You get the same thing every time?

Bob: Yeah, dude. Best burger in town.

Jim: What the hell's wrong with you?

Bob: Huh?

Jim: I said, "What... the... hell... is... wrong... with... youuuu?" How can you always eat the same thing? Don't you like variety?

Bob: Uh... I dunno dude... I found the thing that I like the most here and I just get that.

Jim: But that's STUPID. You can't just like one kind of thing and always just eat that... you have to try DIFFERENT things. You HAVE to have variety when it comes to taste in food.

Bob: What? No I don't. I like this and so I eat it.

Jim: But that's f#@king retarded. Are you stupid?

Bob: Dude... that's not cool.

Jim: Hey, I'm just drawing the obvious conclusion, here. Unlike you, I eat a different thing off of the menu every time I come here. That's the right way to do it.

Bob: Uh... ok.

Jim: Yeah... see... even though some things I don't like as "much" as others, I mix it up, because that's what you SHOULD do.

Bob: Uh.... ok. Whatever man. To each his own.

Jim: No, no.... none of this "to each his own" bulls#@t. I'M RIGHT. There is only ONE way to express your taste in food and that is to try all kinds of different things..... unless, of course, lots of people like it.

Bob: What??

Jim: Yeah... if it's something that lots of people like, it's bad.

Bob: Says who?

Jim: Says ME, dumb@ss. If it's a popular menu item, I won't eat it, because people are stupid..... and they're sheep, too... yeah... "sheep"... I like to call them "sheeple".... get it?'s a play on words.... I'm pretty witty like that.

Bob: Uh...

Jim: Yeah, so anyway... if lots of "sheeple" (tee hee) like it, then you know it's bad. You can't go liking food that the majority likes.

Bob: Why not?

Jim: BECAUSE, dude.... because that's the way it is. It's a universal truth that cannot be denied. I'm right. You'll just have to get used to it.

Bob: Man, you're really creeping me out here.

Jim: Whatever man... so anyway... today I'm trying the pickled pigs feet sandwich. It smells like absolute dogsh#t, but not a single SOUL has ordered this in over a month, so that means it's the coolest thing in this joint.

Bob: That's insane, dude.

Jim: You just don't GET it, man..... but that's OK. Not everyone can be as enlightened as me. You see, most people just don't realize that food HAS to be "different" to be "good". For example... I might like that triple cheeseburger. Hell, it might be the best thing I'd ever put in my mouth... but I'd never eat it. And even if I did, I would definitely never ADMIT it. It's just too "clichéd". Too many people have already jumped on that bandwagon. So what I'd do... is I'd take one of those triple cheese burgers and change a few things about it to make it "original". Yeah... that way, it's completely derivative, just like everything else, but most people don't realize it. So... I'd remove the cheese, and replace it with some whipped cream. Then I'd cut the burger open and stuff it full of chex mix. Yeah. And, of course, the exterior has to look totally different (that's the best way to make people think it's "original"). So I'd get rid of the buns and wrap it in scones instead. I'd get bonus points, because scones are British... and anything British is cool.

Bob: Dude... that's just gross.

Jim: Yeah... but it's DIFFERENT! And if you want to have good taste in food, you have to train yourself to like stuff that's different, even if it's kinda lousy.

Bob: Whatever, man... I'm going back to my "uncool" burger now.

Jim: Yeah, I figured you wouuu...what the F#@K is that???

Bob: What?!?!

Jim: That white thing hanging out of your burger?!?!?

Bob: Uh... it's an onion.

Jim: AN ONION??! What f#@king idiot put an onion on your burger?!?! Dude... I'd call the manager if I were you.

Bob: Uh... I asked them to put onions on it.

Jim: YOU WHAT?!?!? Why the hell would you do a thing like that?!?!

Bob: Because I like onions, you twit. Geez. What is your deal, man...? Everyone has different tastes... I like onions... you don't... whatever... it's just a normal part of life.

Jim: I know that people have different tastes. I'm not a moron. But how the hell could you like onions?!?! They taste like sh#t. I mean, seriously... onions are the worst tasting food on the planet. Only a f#@king retard would like onions!!

Bob: What is wrong with you dude?

Jim: What's wrong with me?!?!? What's wrong with YOU?!?! How can you call yourself an educated human being and actually like onions?!? What kind of unrefined, tasteless boob are you?

Bob: Holy crap, man... you have some serious issues.

Jim: It's probably all of those d@mn onion commercials they're always showing on TV. "Try onions... you'll like them". I mean really... the ONLY reason people like onions is because the TV tells them to. It's not physically possible that anyone could like onions of their own free will, because I don't like onions, and my taste in food is the gold-standard of the entire universe.

Bob: That's just plain absurd.

Jim: Is it? I submit that it is not! You just have to accept the fact that what I like is what determines somethings worth. For example, if a chef makes a dish that I don't like, that means the chef has no talent.

Bob: ...or that it just wasn't something suited to your tastes.

Jim: No, you dimwit. It means he has NO TALENT. If I don't like it, it means that the person who created it has no talent.

Bob: But nature created onions. Are saying that nature has no talent?

Jim: I guess I am. There's just no excuse for onions. They're pure evil.

Bob: You do realize that you sound completely insane getting that worked up over onions? I mean... it's just not healthy to have THAT strong of a hatred against a particular food. You just sound crazy.

Jim: Hey man... it's not crazy. It's just me trying to show you how WRONG you are for not liking the exact same thing as me. It's perfectly normal. And if you weren't so soul-less, you'd be doing the same thing.

Bob: Uh... but didn't you just say that I shouldn't do what other people are doing?? So, why should I do the same thing as you?

Jim: Hhhmm... I didn't think of that.

Bob: And what about foods that you like?

Jim: How do you mean?

Bob: Well... are there any foods that you like?

Jim: Hell yeah!! I like raw Ahi Tuna.... that's the best fish, by far (and if you don't think so, you're a tool). And I like goat's milk... and Venti Triple-Shot Soy Lattes... and..

Bob: [interrupts] OK... so what if I got everyone in here to like Ahi Tuna? Would you still like it?

Jim: Uh... well.. I mean... I guess I'd still like it... but if everyone else liked it too, then I'd probably start to find things wrong with it... and then eventually, I'd say that I never really liked it in the first place and that it was just a stupid phase I went through. I mean... I can't go liking something that everyone else is into... that's just lame.

Bob: [getting up from the table] Dude.... you are, hands down, the biggest idiot I know.

Jim: [following Bob out to the car] Hey, whatever man... that's just your opinion.

Bob: [starting car] Yeah... I guess it is.

[radio begins playing]

Jim: OOOH! Nickleback!! ....I LOVE this band!



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So I can like Mac's and you'd still be okay with it? :o)

Posted by Brandon Funtall, on 08/02/2008 at 16:44

no, no... most things are subject to taste... but not Macs.... they suck... because I say so. :oP

Posted by WATYF, on 08/02/2008 at 19:40

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