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Adding a horizontal line to the top of an Excel Line Chart...
User Rating: / 2
Written by WATYF on Friday, 28 March 2008 (10900 hits)
Category: Nerdery

I've run into this problem before and always ended up falling back on crappy work-arounds, but it came up again the other day, so I figured I'd find a suitable solution once and for all. Here's the problem... I have a line chart in Excel... I want to display data going upwards and across the chart (like a typical line chart), but across the top of the chart, I want to display a horizontal line that shows a "target" (a single value in a single cell somewhere) that I'm trying to reach. There are several ways to approach this, but none of them I had found up to this point were elegant and/or sufficient for my needs...

Digg's new comment system gives me ulcers...
User Rating: / 5
Written by WATYF on Monday, 23 July 2007 (9288 hits)
Category: Nerdery










But I DID refresh the page... AND restart the browser... AND clear my history... AND delete my cookies..... yet still you torture me!!!


WHY?!?!?! ...WHY, I SAY?!?!


(a thousand pardons for the blog spam, but I had to get that off my chest Tongue out)



Unequivocal, undeniable, irrefutable proof that the new Office 2007 interface sucks...
User Rating: / 27
Written by WATYF on Friday, 13 April 2007 (26855 hits)
Category: Nerdery

That's right ladies and gentlemen... today I'm going to offer conclusive proof that the new Office 2007 interface has been endowed with copious amounts of suckage...

...but first, I'm going to ramble on for a bit (much like I do at the beginning of all of my articles, before actually getting to any kind of point or useful content). Tongue out

As many of you may know... I very quickly grew an intense dislike for the new Office 2007 layout (or interface, or GUI, or menu system, or whatever you wanna call it) the minute I was forced to use it at work. You may think it's because I'm a luddite, but that's not the case at all... I rather like new things... just so long as they don't make my life a living hell. You may also think that I just like to bash Microsoft for fun... but that's blatantly untrue... I would never bash Microsoft just for fun.. that's what I have Apple for. Tongue out

But after ranting about how much Office 2007's new look sucks, and trying to find ways around its idiosyncrasies, and hacking together a (very lousy) way to get it to (kind of) look like Office 2000 (or 2003), I was finally delivered from my turmoil (at least for now).

And I thought that was the end of it... I figured my articles would just fall into oblivion (much like every other article that I write on this site Tongue out) and I would move on with my nerdy little life... but it appears I won't be able to forget them so easily...

Corporate HQ saves the day...
User Rating: / 0
Written by WATYF on Wednesday, 31 January 2007 (7139 hits)
Category: Nerdery

Just as the darkest hour seemed to be upon me.... just as I was ready to give up my quest to get a decent, efficient customized GUI in Office 2007.... just as I was about to throw up my hands and give in to a life of slow, inefficient navigation at the hands of the bloated "Ribbon"....... my Corporate office saves the day.

So I'm sittin' at my desk minding my own buidness when I get an email... someone in IT informs me that Corporate has raised some concerns about us using Outlook 2007 because it causes some kind of issue with the corporate email server. My eyes lit up.... what's that I see on the horizon??? Is it a gleaming beacon of hope??!? Is there a chance that I don't have to suffer through using Outlook 2007 anymore, or possibly even --*gasp*-- any Office 2007 applications???

Getting back the old GUI in Office 2007.... sort of.
User Rating: / 9
Written by WATYF on Thursday, 14 December 2006 (25898 hits)
Category: Nerdery

Normally, right about now I would link you to a previous article about how much I hate the new Office 2007 GUI (as a means to get you caught up).... but there are just so many of them now... it would take too long. Tongue out Suffice it to say, I hate the new interface and find it extremely counter-intuitive and inefficient.... so I decided to change that.

As anyone who's spent any time looking into customizing Office 2007 knows.......... it sucks. Modifying the Ribbon is much more involved and restrictive than modifying the CommandBars, and QAT modification is a slow waste of time. The only hope (kind of) that we've been given is that whenever we use code (for Office 2000-2003) to add a button to a CommandBar, that button gets dumped into a Ribbon called "Add-Ins". Well.... this gave me an idea. Since I know how to control CommandBars quite easily... and since any CommandBars I create are gonna end up in the "Add-Ins" ribbon... why don't I just recreate the entire Menu and Toolbar system in the Add-Ins ribbon and just ignore the rest of the Ribbons.

After much toil and tears... I was able to do just that......... for the most part. Tongue out

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