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Friday, 16 November 2018
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Introducing the all new Mac/Windows love affair...
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Written by WATYF on Wednesday, 12 April 2006 (7691 hits)
Category: Apple Bashing

So... everybody and their mother knows that Apple said that they wouldn't do anything to hinder or support the installation of Windows XP on their new Intel Macs (commonly referred to as Mactels). And everybody and their dog knows that some guy won 13 thousand dollars by figuring out how to boot Windows XP on a Mac.... and now everybody and their pet fish knows that Apple went back on their original promise (of not doing anything to support Windows installs) by offering BootCamp, which allows any dumb shmoe a chance to boot Windows XP on his shiny new Mactel.

But my question is... where is all this mad Mac/Windows love coming from...???

I mean... all I've read about for the last week is story, after story, after story, after story about the wonders of BootCamp, and how BootCamp has changed the world, and that BootCamp just cured cancer and got an old lady's cat down out of a tree. It's quite stupendous, really. And there's a new corny, internet portmanteau to be made here... WinMacs. It's a Mac that has been gleefully blessed with Windows XP by an owner who previously would have chewed off his own arm rather than use Windows.

That's right... mere weeks ago, all these Mac users were thumbing their noses at the vastly inferior OS that is "Windows XP"... and now, they're falling all over themselves to get it installed on their status symbo..... I mean... computers.

My favorite misconception is that this means "the end" of Microsoft (I've heard this one a few times)... since everyone is gonna "switch" to Macs, now that they can have the best of both worlds (you know... over-priced hardware AND virus prone software) in one machine. And how can you argue with that??!

Sorry to break it to ya, guys... but this is nothing but good news for Microsoft. In case you didn't know... MS doesn't make PC's.... not a one. They make something called "software"... and they don't really give a rip what kind of machine you run their software on... just so long as you buy it. Which you will... with streams of saliva running down your chin as you dream of a world where you can use your memory-hogging, big-shiny-button-filled OS X to do cool stuff like use GarageBand to record your latest "song", and Photoshop pictures of yourself to put on your MySpace page... and then reboot into Windows XP to do... well... anything useful.

And now that everybody is gettin' all worked up like JoJo the Idiot Circus boy over being able to boot XP on their Macs, ginormous software companies that make specialty software may very well lose the motivation to port their expensive Windows-only software over the OS X. I mean... if someone with a Mac wants to run it, they can just use BootCamp and install Windows... right? So this means that people will keep needing to buy Windows to install on their Macs so they can use the Windows-only software that companies don't really need to port over to OS X any more.

Don't get me wrong, though... I love a good, ignorance-fueled, technology hype as much as the next guy... but the sight of throngs of Mac users rushing out to by a copy of Windows does kinda make ya chuckle... just a little.


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I have Microsoft Office for Mac.......that will do! But right now I gotta go get my girl jeans out of the dryer and fix my hair backwards!

Posted by Keith, on 04/13/2006 at 23:38

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