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Microsoft: Slowly ruining my life... one new app at a time.
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Written by WATYF on Friday, 01 December 2006 (6811 hits)
Category: Nerdery

So as if my woes with Office 2007 weren't bad enough, today I discovered a new aspect of my daily Windows usage that has been ruined by Microsoft's latest "improvements" to their software.... and that would be File Searches.

That's right folks... "Searching" is the new thing... it's the way to do everything. Sure, it's faster to put your commonly used apps/files in a standard location and just open them directly, but wouldn't you rather put some criteria into a search box and have it return you a bunch of results, most of which aren't what you're looking for??? Or better yet... how about you put in a very specific set of criteria, and have it return you ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOTHING, even though you know that what you're searching for is right there?

Well... that's what happened to me. Part of the new Office 2007 paradigm involves forcing you to upgrade to Microsoft's new "Desktop Search". They do this by annoying the hell out of you every time you open Outlook with messages about how you need to install Desktop Search, until you finally cave and go download the piece of crap and install it. Not that there's ANY noticeable different in Outlook after you install the "oh so crucial" Desktop Search tool... but hey... I'm sure it's doing something. Tongue out

So I installed it, and didn't notice any difference (except for having to remove the annoying thing from my Taskbar, and from the Startup menu, so it wasn't running in the background all day long). Yeah... I didn't notice a thing... that is... until I went to do a file search in Explorer.

Now, most of you probably know that one of the most annoying things that Microsoft has ever put out (second only to "Clippy") is that mind-alteringly infuriating, ugly orange dog that tries to "help" you search for files in Windows Explorer. One of the very first things I do after I install Windows XP is turn that stupid thing off, and switch it to the advanced find. That way, you get all "function" and no "fluff".

One of the handy things about the advanced find is that if you're viewing a particular folder in Explorer, and you hit Ctrl-F, it will open the Advanced Find sidebar and set the "Look In:" folder to the folder that you're currently viewing. So, today I was in a particular folder and I wanted to return all the xml documents in that folder. In the past, all I had to do was hit Ctrl-F and type in "*.xml" and hit Enter and boom... there's all my results, just for the folder I was viewing at the time....

...but not so with the amazing new Desktop Search. Now, I hit Ctrl-F and type in "*.xml" and hit Enter and what do I get??? NOTHING!!! That's what. No results at all... I can't even tell what the heck this thing is searching, but it's certainly not searching my hard drive (and definitely not the folder I was viewing). There are a bunch of confusing, nonsensical options up in the search results that allow me to switch from searching "All locations" (whatever that means) to "Files" or "Outlook". I can also choose "Everything" (again... what does that even mean) or "Documents". Of course, none of these options returned any results... so that was pretty handy. Yell

Then... to add insult to injury... at the bottom of the Desktop Search window was a little link that said "Click here to use the Search Companion" with a picture of our old friend, the rabid dog, next to it. Well, I was actually desperate enough to get this thing to work that I actually clicked on that link, and what did it show me?? MY OLD ADVANCED FIND WINDOW!!! That's right folks... after installing the new Desktop Search, I am first presented with an absolutely worthless search that doesn't return me any results... and then, if I click on a different link, it will take me to the old search, which works just fine.

Thanks Microsoft... you're the bestest!!

Btw.... anyone looking to turn off this behavior and return to the old (and so obviously better) way, just follow the instructions here


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You must javascript enabled to use this form a Mac!

Posted by Mac, on 12/05/2006 at 21:23

See... that's the *problem*... Microsoft is becoming *more* like Macs... big, fancy, bloated GUI's that I can't change!! Maybe all those Mac commercials are starting to work... on the people who design crap for Microsoft!! ...those evil b@stards!!! :o) WATYF

Posted by WATYF, on 12/05/2006 at 22:16

I got you a GUI C++ Programming Guide for Christmas!

Posted by Mac, on 12/09/2006 at 08:52

Maybe you should spend a few open-minded hours exploring the new functionality, rather than bagging it the monent it behaves differently to 'the old way'. Methinks change is difficult for you. Let me guess - you've already tried to make the Vista gui look like XP?

Posted by Andrew, on 02/09/2007 at 20:21

Change is good... it's *lousy* change that's bad. :o) The interesting thing about 'new' looks is... the only good reason to make something 'new' is if the 'old' way wasn't working (or as least the 'new' way is markedly better). But if it's just 'new' for the sake of 'new', then all you're doing is forcing people to learn useless crap.

And you don't think I'd be on Vista already, do you? :o) That's waaaay too new for me. I'm still on XP in the 'Classic' mode. :Op


Posted by WATYF, on 02/09/2007 at 23:08

I'm totally with you on this, WATYF. Great article.

I'd rather have to type 'find / | grep [filename]' or in windows '*.txt' anyday rather than click through a bunch of meaningless mickey-mouse, hand-holding horseshit just to find a file.

It's as if Microsoft and Apple judge the average computer user's IQ to be somewhere between a barbie doll and a steaming pile of dog shit.

But maybe they're right. Look at all the people above who want training wheels with their operating system, defending the increasingly vile insults to users' intelligence that these companies keep dishing out.

What the hell does an animated dog have to do with locating data on a computer system anyhow? How dumbed down are things going to get before these developers realize they've gone overboard and start designing their crap to be usable instead of an 'experience'. I don't want an experience. I want to be able to use my fucking computer. Efficiently.

Oh, and Vista great is for tools who enjoy being told how to use their computer, a scrambled UI that appears to have been shoved down a Cuisinart, and who prefer to have a 12GB bloated pile of shit running their computer rather than 1.5GB distribution (XP) that already does it better.

Like you said, change isn't necessarily good or bad. But if you have a good platform that's been working fine for a decade, then out of nowhere, people decide to break it without adding anything useful, it's just throwing obstacles in the path of productivity. Newer isn't always better, if it's not broken, don't 'fix' it.

Posted by IdiotUserParadigm, on 06/02/2012 at 16:20

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