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The ultimate musical nerdery...
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Written by WATYF on Wednesday, 14 September 2005 (4924 hits)
Category: Nerdery

You know... I thought I was the quintessential musical nerd. I'm nerdy: I write my own software... I own a watercooled computer (I'll pause while you giggle)... I build all my computer systems (and those of my friends.... and family... and people I don't even know)... I spend every waking hour in front of a computer. And I'm musical: I play drums... I play guitar... I do my own home-recordings. So you'd think that would qualify me as the ultimate musical nerd.... but you'd be wrong.

And it's all because of these guys...

Apparently, some seriously nerdy folks over at MIT got tired of using their feet to switch the settings on their effects pedals (which is the current standard method used by non-nerdy guitarists). It seems that only having those two, cumbersome feet do all that complex work just wasn't enough for them, so they built their own "interface" (pun intended), and hooked it up to a Line 6 POD effects unit. What "triggers" it, if not the feet, you ask?

How 'bout every movement of your face....?

Check out their website and you can read all about how they used facial recognition software, and tied it to the POD, so that they could change the settings by simply nodding, shaking, moving, or just tilting their heads (it even responds to blinking).

You can use the interface to control the wah effect, or increase the distortion level, or even switch amps. Watch a few of the videos to see a live demonstration. It's still an infant technology (if you can even consider it a "technology" at this point), but this could actually be used in real-world scenarios to some extent, once it's further developed. Imagine being able to tweak every little aspect of guitar tone just by mouthing certain words or moving closer to the amp or head-banging when you want more volume .... the possibilities are endless.

And I'm more than willing to admit defeat. This is, by far, the most musical nerdery I can possibly fathom, so I'm just gonna go sit in the corner now and think up a new hobby.



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