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Unequivocal, undeniable, irrefutable proof that the new Office 2007 interface sucks...
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Written by WATYF on Friday, 13 April 2007 (27836 hits)
Category: Nerdery

That's right ladies and gentlemen... today I'm going to offer conclusive proof that the new Office 2007 interface has been endowed with copious amounts of suckage...

...but first, I'm going to ramble on for a bit (much like I do at the beginning of all of my articles, before actually getting to any kind of point or useful content). Tongue out

As many of you may know... I very quickly grew an intense dislike for the new Office 2007 layout (or interface, or GUI, or menu system, or whatever you wanna call it) the minute I was forced to use it at work. You may think it's because I'm a luddite, but that's not the case at all... I rather like new things... just so long as they don't make my life a living hell. You may also think that I just like to bash Microsoft for fun... but that's blatantly untrue... I would never bash Microsoft just for fun.. that's what I have Apple for. Tongue out

But after ranting about how much Office 2007's new look sucks, and trying to find ways around its idiosyncrasies, and hacking together a (very lousy) way to get it to (kind of) look like Office 2000 (or 2003), I was finally delivered from my turmoil (at least for now).

And I thought that was the end of it... I figured my articles would just fall into oblivion (much like every other article that I write on this site Tongue out) and I would move on with my nerdy little life... but it appears I won't be able to forget them so easily...

You see,... every once in a while (usually when I'm bored), I'll check my server stats. This is actually a good way to see which Shareware sites are directing me traffic for TaskRunner and what not, and it's kinda cool to see how people end up on my site (usually through Google searches). Well, lately, I've been noticing a trend. "Office 2007" is coming up quite a bit in my Goggle referrals... and you might be shocked to see what searches people are using to end up here. How 'bout a little sample...?

office 2007 toolbar sucks
office 2007 sucks usability
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gui of office 2007 sucks
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Hhmmm... I think I'm detecting a common theme... I'm not quite sure what it is... but I know it's in there. Tongue out OK... so several people ended up on my site because they also think the new Office interface sucks. So what? I mean... that's only a few people who think that, right? It's basically just me and 14 other people who agree that the new look blows chunks..... right?

Well... keep in mind, those are just the Google searches that resulted in people coming to my site. But since my site doesn't exactly get the best Google placement, one can only image the sheer volume of searches Google must get on a daily basis from people who just can't stand using a crappy, restrictive interface that assumes they're an idiot. Tongue out

Oh yeah... that, and the fact that those aren't all of the Office 2007 searches that lead people to my site... there are others... Here's a few more of my favorites.

"office 2007 i want the old menu back"

  (I feel your pain, brah)

"excel 2007 is crap"

  (well... I would've been a little more diplomatic about it... but it's a free country)

"is it possible to use old office menu on office 2007"

  (I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but sorry... you're screwed.)

"office 2007 hell"

  (Where bad productivity suites go when they die)


But again, we're just talking about a handful of people... you know... there are only a select few out there who are thick-headed enough to not fall madly in love with the new Ribbon. At least... that's what MS would like us to think... unfortunately, I have just a few more stats that paint a slightly different picture...



make office 2007 look like 2000
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That's right folks.... hundreds of people are ending up at my little ol' website... all because Office 2007's new look just plain sucks.


Thank you, and good night.


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I think if I have to use the new Word 2007 much longer, I'm gonna go postal. I was trying to set the program up to show paragraph marks and couldn't figure out where they hid that little gem. So, I went to the help screen. I typed in 'show paragraph' and it comes up with an option 'Show or hide formatting marks'. I clicked on it and it says: 'On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Show/Hide.' It shows the paragraph group section and highlights the left justify icon. There's nothing on the Paragraph group section that *says* 'Show/Hide'. I finally, after lots of trial and error (and lots of four letter words), figured out it's under the icon that looks like a paragraph mark. However, it doesn't give you the option of selecting other formatting marks to show/hide (such as tabs, spaces, etc.). Once again proving my mantra, 'Bill Gates is the spawn of hell.'

Posted by Janet Potts, on 04/30/2007 at 21:31

Well obviously, you're mentally retarded... because everybody knows that the new interface is VASTLY improved and INFINITELY intuitive... so you not being able to find something must be the result of some kind of genetic defect on your part, and surely not because Microsoft is utterly near-sighted and debilitatingly stubborn. ;op WATYF

Posted by WATYF, on 05/01/2007 at 02:46

How do you define intuitive? The only people I've found that support 2007 are people who really didn't know how to use office in the first place.

Posted by Mikey, on 05/03/2007 at 16:14

To show the formatting marks, click on the circular logo thingy in the upper left corner. Then click the 'Word Options' button. Click Display on the left side of the window that is now open. In the center of the screen are the various marks you may want to show (like tabs and the like).

Posted by Silver, on 05/04/2007 at 11:33

Didn't realize that was written by WATYF, and was obviously sarcasm.

Posted by Mikey, on 05/04/2007 at 11:54

Comment: I remember when companies changed from lotus 123 to Excel.. I was gutted, no more fully automated spreadsheets unless you were a Basic programmer. I thought the macro language in 123 was easy to use and quick.. same key depressions for manual use as in the macro ... what could be easier! Then came Excel.. well eventually over the years become quick at data processing using its features.. most of all filters (drop down.. doesnít seem the same in new 2007) subtotalling, and pivot tables etc...mainly for finance and processing work. Now Microsoft has gone too far, people like me in finance who have used excel daily with all the quick keys and menus are at a major disadvantage.. Itís like someone bringing out a new keyboard where all the letters are in different places. It will take too long to use this for regular work, like I say unlearning habits gained over many years... what was wrong with view, edit, format... etc.. The menus related to what they did.. So just to recap on my rant... this will be great for anyone who has never used a spreadsheet before.. the new students.. but what about the rest of finance? I would like to suggest a boycott of the whole thing and if changes are going to be made that we may as well go back to an updated version of lotus 123 with a powerful macro language and maybe VB in there somewhere too... any companies interested.. It would work!! I used to write macros that would do everything, import data, process, print save, cleardown archive... distribute.. and just press Control A to activate...and go for a cuppa... Feed back please.

Posted by robert, on 06/26/2007 at 13:43

I agree completely with your comments on the new Office 2007 interface. The biggest load of unbelievable rubbish I have ever seen. Lets re-arrange everything and fill half the screen with idiotic icons and make it difficult for anyone who knows the program to find or do anything - seems to have been the idea behind this. Where in the world were their brains and who on earth was in charge of this garbage? I have used MS Office since 1995 and this version is unbelievable. I am investigating the possibility of scrapping office entirely and going to Open Office for my company. It is available at http://www.openoffice.org/

Posted by Alan Roberts, whose homepage is here on 06/27/2007 at 15:40

Could you imagine if Microsoft designed cars? (I know the old joke about the car crashing several times a day).

Instead of pedals and steering wheel, you would have a mouse and a ribbon for gas, brake, lights, radio, etc. But they would keep changing so that when you were picking a radio station, the brake button is hidden.

To start the car, turn it off, or open the door, you have to select from the round Car button.

Posted by Mike, on 07/13/2007 at 12:26

Office 2007 Excel sucks. I am wasting an incredible amount of time searching through the damn new toolbars to do simple functions. Did someone mention going postal? Well, I'm about to. I just emailed our system administrator that I want it off my machine and the older version of Excel re-installed.

Posted by jan, on 07/26/2007 at 13:41

I gave Office 2007 10 days, 10 long painfully low productivity days of trying to figure out how to hell to do things that I used to be able to do with keystroke sequences inbedded in my mind...and it simple drove me to the point of pissed off frustration. If I wanted some damn non technically competent user interface, I'd buy a Mac...

I'm back to Office 2003 and functioning quite well again...by the way, there are now add-ins coming out to make 2007 look like 2003...that's progress for Microsoft.

Posted by Bill, on 08/07/2007 at 19:13

The Office 2007 interface is total cr*p, it's a major backward step that takes away 20 years of natural evolution. I am now looking at the freeware products which have the old MS look and feel - I can't be the only one... This could end up costing M

Posted by John Porter, on 08/17/2007 at 14:15

Bill Gates is the f*****g anti-christ and this gui b******t for a menu is proof.

Posted by Steven Drzymala, on 09/07/2007 at 11:31

I'm fairly good at the older versions of Office (by necessity - most workplaces require it). I just bought Office 2007 - I consider myself reasonably intelligent (I hope) and fairly capable of figuring out new programs; this new 2007 'upgrade' from the previous versions is horrible! Not intuitive, and forces the user to work with the new interface, not allowing them to switch back to the old 'skin' of 2003 or earlier versions. I read the advice above and downloaded OpenOffice from http://www.OpenOffice.org using BitTorrent, and it seems to be everything one could hope for - and it's free! I'm very sorry that I spent money on a Windows Office Upgrade! Bill Gates can go to heck, as far as I'm concerned, to that special heck reserved for people who talk in theatres. Until I knew about OpenOffice, I was just about to uninstall XP and just download Linux - can't quite do that since my work uses Windows (mostly), but I may partition and put it on half my computer. Anyway, thanks for the advice - anyone reading this who is frustrated with Windows or their wonderful new Ribbon, go get OpenOffice!

Posted by Mason, on 09/17/2007 at 06:32

You are so right. Word 2007 sucks big time. I've only been using it for 2 days, but I already hate it with a passion. It seems that most of the formatting options are designed for people who don't understand how to use styles, and anyone starting off on Word 2007 is unlikely ever to figure out how to use styles.

Thank God it's only a demo version I'm using. Let's hope there are still a few Office 2000 CDs going on eBay.

Posted by Adam, on 09/26/2007 at 12:02

I like to think I am open to change, so I have been working with Word 2007 for a week. I gotta say that I am only getting more frustrated. My gripes: (1) like a lot of people now, I have a 'widescreen' - you could also call it a 'shortscreen'. Either way, there is a lot more real estate on the sides then on the top and bottom. With Word 2003, I was able to put some of the tool bar buttons on the sides to keep as much vertical space available for the document. Can't do that now, as there is a huge ribbon with a bunch of buttons I will never use - Styles? When would I need that and why does it take up half the screen? (2) I never understood why Word didn't come stock with a file close button - you have to close ever doc you open eventually. One of the first things I did when setting up a new computer is add the Close File button to the (side) tool bar. Can't do that with Office 2007 - so where is the document 'x' close button that used to sit in the corner? It's missing too. I guess they want us to have to navigate the menus just to do simple and frequent tasks. Sort of on the same lines - File Open - for god's sake, how many times a day do I do that? Why did they take away the dedicated button for that? Yes, there is keyboard shortcut, which I have been using. (3) I also used to program macros and attach them to buttons to do simple tasks like printing current page only. Can't do that apparently. Well - I am glad I have a friend and MS and got the Office Suite for like $40.

Posted by mbrenengen, on 10/11/2007 at 10:15

Hi - me again. I think this might be helpful for people struggling with Office 2007. It is easy to add a file open and file close button to the Quick Access toolbar at the top - my bad MS. Just click the down pointy arrow and it allows for the deletion of useless buttons (like undo - ctrl-z man), and the addition of buttons like file open and file close (although apparently file close is so unimportant it doesn't even have its own icon). I will keep fighting with this program for another week and see if I have any better luck with the other issues. Oh, and another one! When you close the last document, the whole program shuts down. What's with that? I want to close one doc and start on another one without having to start the program again...

Posted by mbrenengen, on 10/11/2007 at 14:16

Okay - ya, it's me again. My Bad x2. The reason the program was closing (and why there was no icon for File Close) was that I was trying to use the command 'Close or Exit'. Under 'All Commands' is a close command with the right icon. I switched those out and now the program doesn't shut down. Also - and this is very exciting, I moved the Quick Access tool bar 'below the ribbon' (that down arrow thing has the menu for that). Then, and this is the best(!), I selected, 'Minimize the Ribbon' from the same menu, and the god-awful ribbon hid itself. If I felt the need to summon it again, I can click one of the headings, like 'Home', 'Insert', etc., and it floats on top of the doc without moving anything, then disappears again when a button has been clicked.
I think that there is plenty of room on the quick access bar to add all the buttons I normally use, so they are there for one-click access. For the less commonly used buttons, they will float up on the ribbon for two-click use. I am starting to think I may not have to ditch Office2007 after all. I will keep working with it and let you know...

Posted by mbrenengen, on 10/11/2007 at 15:10

Comment: It's stupid we've even got to put any effort into finding FILE EDIT and VIEW; aren't those GIVENS for ANY MS Program, ANYWHERE? Way to sell out your old faithful Gates. It's evident this is an MS attempt to latch onto the NEXT generations 'short attention span'; Gen x y or z or whatever they are coming up through the ranks. Franky, if they (MS) make it though this (mistake? daring attempt?) and gain a user base that can't live without Ribbons, we'll all be sad (and proficient using ribbons by then). Oh well, while I am actively looking for the old skin add-in, I might as well learn to use Ribbons, as inevitibly, Window's Vista will crash, require numerous reloads of the OS and Office packages, and I'll never have the add-in where I need it, when I need it, and I'll finally give up/in. Resistance is futile. You must be assimilated (sic?). I'm the first one in line for Windows 2009, I'll bet they have 'Retro Ribbons TM' (you heard it HERE first Gates! I'll want royalities!) Here's to a 6 pack and installation of a Dual Boot to XP w/ Office '

Posted by Cj, on 10/16/2007 at 22:50

. . . . . . Here's to a 6 pack and installation of a Dual Boot to XP w/ Office Fill in the BLANK prior to 2007

wait, make that a case.

Pretty _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and BOWS TIE A YELLOW _ _ _ _ _ _ STUPID _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WHATEVER . . . -Cj

Posted by Cj, on 10/16/2007 at 22:51

Turns out it is possible to bring the old office menus back on Office 2007. You can with this add-in: http://www.addintools.com/. I'm not affiliated with the company that makes it in any way and I haven't tried it yet. (I refused to get Office '07 because of the @#$%ing ribbon.) I'm intrigued enough to at least want to try this add-in.

Posted by Tom Meinen, on 11/27/2007 at 10:20

I hate 2007 word with a passion. What freaking idiot decided it was a good idea to screw up the program we've ALL been working with, with minor modifications, for YEARS??????

What the hell is the idiocy with making the default line spacing 1.15? I change it to single, but it only works if you're writing paragraphs, if you're doing headings as in address it still comes out 1.15 because you hit enter.

This is the stupidest program ever written. These people should be brought up on charges and be shot for making my life so hard.

Posted by Michael, on 03/25/2008 at 03:39

Yes, I was led here by a Google search for 'hate the ribbon' which I periodically type in with the hope that MS will have released us from its grip. God, do I hate it. It is unintuitive as hell. Just as one example, in Outlook, if I wish to change the format of an email from Plain Text to Rich Text, it's NOT under 'Format Text' but under 'Options'. WTF?

Posted by e, on 06/18/2008 at 14:42

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