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About TaskRunner

TaskRunner is an all-in-one app that was built (partially) because of my incessant hatred for having to install fifteen thousand different programs, and have them all show up in my systray, just so I could perform various necessary tasks. Instead of having an email checker AND a task scheduler AND a backup utility AND a search toolbar AND a system cleaner running all at the same time (and using up half the memory on my machine), I figured that I'd just build one piece of software that does it all. And if there's anything else that I think of that I can cram into this little app, I'm gonna do it... so feel free to make suggestions in the TaskRunner Forum.

Taskrunner is a systray app... it sits in your Windows SysTray (next to the clock) and performs various tasks based on how you configure it. It includes three main modules:

1) Task Scheduler: Allows you schedule all kinds of tasks to run at defined times. It includes built-in email/pop-up/sound notifications, so you can receive notifications when the task completes and/or fails. Tasks include:

  • Run an Executable or Open a File
  • Backup files locally or to an FTP server
  • Delete files locally or on an FTP server
  • Download files from a website or an FTP server
  • Monitor a Service or Process on a local or remote machine
  • Perform System Cleanup (Delete Temp Internet Files, Desktop Files/Icons, Recycle Bin files)
  • Reminder Notifications (Pop-up or Email)
  • Send an Email (with optional attachments)
  • Ping an IP (to check if your website goes down or to validate connectivity)
  • Log Off/Stand By/Restart/Shutdown your PC

2) Email Monitor: Checks your POP/IMAP email accounts an lets you know when you have new messages. You can open your email client directly from the Email Monitor. Also checks Gmail POP and Yahoo POP (if you have them enabled in your Gmail/Yahoo account).

3) Web Search: Search tool that you can open with the touch of a button (configurable in the TaskRunner options). Allows you to search various search engines (Google, Live, Yahoo, etc) as well as various Google functions (Froogle, Maps, Define, etc), News and Shopping sites... all in one place.



SysTray Menu - Task Scheduler - Email Monitor - Web Search

Help & Support

To get help for TaskRunner you can read the Online Help, or check out the FAQ's. You can also post a message in the TaskRunner Forum or email me directly if you have any questions or issues with TaskRunner. Suggestions for future enhancements to the program are also welcome.