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TaskRunner 3.2 is out!!! Aren't you thrilled?!?!
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Written by WATYF on Tuesday, 27 March 2007 (6037 hits)
Category: TaskRunner

Well... I finally got around to putting out a new version of TaskRunner (3.2.1063). Its primary upgrades are architectural, so don't expect a huge amount of new features, but it does fix a bunch of bugs and make a bunch of small improvements. The biggest GUI improvement you'll notice is to the Web Search app. I over-hauled the interface and added a bunch of new sites that you can search. The major architectural changes are that it is now .NET 2.0 compatible (which helped in adding a bunch of the new features) and its back-end database was updated to a new version. Here's the change log...

Final 1063 

Upgraded application to .NET 2.0
Upgraded application database to new version (.NET 2.0 compatible)
Improved Web Search App user-interface and Added new search types
Allowed for Abort/Activation/Deactivation of more than one Task at a time.
Added mouseover text to Backup/Download/Delete file list so you can see the full path and filename of each file in the list
Added mouseover for Task Scheduler items that are truncated
Added a link to Online Help and Offline help in the Programs menu.
Added info in Email Monitor about commercial firewalls blocking POP/IMAP ports
Added prompt to setup Email or FTP options when needed
Added AutoComplete to network/folder/file/url textboxes so you can see available local/network share/files/urls while typing
Fixed bug in Folder Browse window that wouldn't display network drives
Fixed infinite loop bug in FTP connect
Fixed bug where RunTime dates could be set in the past
Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to clear SMTP settings
Fixed bug that would reuse an existing IE window to open a URL
Fixed bug that would use old default FTP settings if you updated them
Changed "Delete" task to not throw an error if a folder isn't there
Changed FTP browser to select the folder you're in if no subfolders are selected when you hit OK
Updated System Cleanup for changes in Firefox ver. 1.5 and later
Upgraded Shutdown/Reboot/Logoff to .NET 2.0
Upgraded file Recycle function to .NET 2.0
Upgraded internal wav player to .NET 2.0
Upgraded Ping function to .NET 2.0 and increased packet size limit to 1024
Misc minor bug fixes/improvements


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Your mom!!!!!

Posted by Jeremy, on 03/28/2007 at 19:12

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